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Judi Burchette

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Have you ever wondered why blogging suddenly gained popularity? Have you ever considered starting on your personal blog that you can share with the rest of the world? At GaiaShip Blogs, I am sharing with you some of my own personal blogs over the past couple of years. It took me some tremendous effort to put together some of my best blogs because I did not want to sacrifice quality over quantity. I do not want you to be overwhelmed with many choices. I am also including blogs that I have linked to and though some of them do not resonate with me, it might do so with you. I have compiled the blogs and categorized them to ensure your convenience.

Why do I blog?

My blogs used to be an internet-based journal of my life; however, it would be an interesting source of information for anyone who wants to become a better person. Most of my blogs are on personality development and I want to create a better source of information for people who want to improve their lives. In order to provide useful information, everything has been researched to ensure the potential benefits to readers. I am also providing you options so that you can benefit from other blogs that have been included in the pages.

Why should you blog?

There are many articles written on the importance of blogging to earn money online but my best recommendation from my own personal experience is the way blogging can improve your writing abilities. Becoming a better writer will provide you benefits for the rest of your life. When you blog, you start to think deeply because you want to remember certain memories that you want to share. However, you can also choose to blog about other topics that may be interesting to readers. You can choose to be a member of a blogging community and start conversations with other bloggers. Blogging communities are friendly and supportive not to mention that they are too willing to give you tips on topics you can blog about to increase your audience. It may not be your goal, but you can earn money from blogging but don’t allow this to distract you from your goals.

How To Make A Blog

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