Are Customers Interested To Leave Their Feedback?

According to a research published in the Harvard Business Review, the simple act of asking for a customer review is in itself enough to provide the customer with simple satisfaction. A simple survey appeals to the customer’s desire to be coddled and reinforces their positive feelings about the product or service. It makes them more likely to return to purchase the product or service.

Customer feedback is one of the primary factors that drive business growth. The very fact that a company asks for a customer’s opinion encourages the person to make a judgement that won’t otherwise occur to them if nobody asked. A customer may not consciously realize that he likes a certain product’s feature unless someone asks for their feedback.

Even large organizations will jump at every opportunity to seek their customer’s opinions based on their personal experience with a product. However, an important question is how they will utilize available channels where customers leave reviews and ratings. If the business is adding a new feature that seeks for the customer’s opinion, what is the end-goal of the feature? There is no one-size-fits-all when it comes to asking for feedback; different situations require a different strategy otherwise it will make things worse.

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