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Why Students Are Taught Geography In School

Geography is one of the essential subjects taught in schools so that students will gain an idea of the conceptual link between their home and school and the world beyond. However, many students are struggling with geography because they cannot read maps and locate provinces, territories, cities, and other important landmarks. Fortunately, there is geography tuition that… Continue Reading →

A Brief Insight On The International Schools In Bangkok

Those who are planning to make Thailand as their new home always consider the education of their children in their decision. Parents with bilingual and dual citizenship children usually consider international school in Bangkok, Thailand so that the children will receive a level of education that is closely similar to what they can have in… Continue Reading →

British Schools Plan To Strengthen Ties With Morocco

It has always been a great thing to establish connections with a lot of schools in Bangkok and in other places as well, not only to foster camaraderie, but also to let the flow of ideas flourish and propagate as smooth and as effectively as possible. Thus this is exactly what a number British schools… Continue Reading →

Guide In Choosing An International School In Bangkok

The economy of Thailand has improved considerably due to tourism. Many foreign nationals are now working and residing in its capital and most of them chose to bring their family along with them. This means that their children would need to go to school in a country where they do not know how to speak… Continue Reading →

Why You Should Get Your Child A Home Tutor

Not all children are created equal. Some excel in school without supplemental help from tutors and parents while others are struggling and are clearly in need of assistance. The latter are the reasons why the industry of home tuition agency started in the first place. There are many benefits into hiring a home tutor but… Continue Reading →

How You Should Choose The British International School

Through the years, sending kids to a British international school in Thailand has grown to be popular among Thai affluent families and expats. For several expats, sending their children to such international school will assure them similar curricula taught in many Western countries and the global quality of education ever taught. For the affluent Thais,… Continue Reading →

Where Can I Take Prince2 Foundation Courses

Prince2 foundation courses is an in demand course provided by big companies to their higher level team members to help develop functional methodologies that would benefit the entire organizations. Aspiring sectors, whether public or private, are also looking at Project In Controlled Environments, version 2 or PRINCE2 as a solution for streamlining roles and functions… Continue Reading →

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