Experience Vietnam With A Cruise Along Halong Bay

Vietnam is starting to become a popular tourist spot destinations for travellers worldwide. Some enjoy a relaxing stay at a hotel in Viet Tri, Vietnam, while others prefer to roam around its city and experience their culture.

One way to do this is through a cruise along Halong Bay.


Three hundred twenty kilometres from Hanoi, this tourist capital is located in the mountainous are in northern Vietnam. Also known as “the Tonkinese Alps,” tourists can enjoy trekking to Ta Van, Cat Cat and discover the culture of their ethnic people. Sapa also has a love market that happens every weekend. Many locals also speak English, and love talking to tourists. Visiting the local market would be a good idea as well, together with Dzao village. O QuyHo Pass is also a popular pass in Sapa, popularized as the most photographed pass in the country.

Mai Chau

Just 150 kilometers away from Hanoi, the village is a great place for to relax in a remote location. It has breath-taking views, with green terraces and emerald mountains. It is best to visit Mai Chau from February to May, when it is spring. At this time, the plum flowers bloom and strawberries ripen for locals and tourists to travel.


From Mai Chau, Hanoi is just a hundred and fifty kilometers away. The city has changed throughout history. The city managed to retain some of its old culture, while still being able to adapt to a newer one. Because of this, the city is home to a mixture of oriental and French colonial architecture. Buddhist temples and pagodas are also seen throughout the city.

Located at the heart of the country, the city is an ideal place for sightseeing, including HoanKiem Lake, Temple of Literature, Water Puppet Theater, museums, and more. Walking around the city could eventually get exhausting for tourists, so travellers can ride cyclos to take them to different parts of Hanoi. Cyclo drivers speak English so getting a ride from one would be a great way to learn about the city from the eyes of a local.

Looking for a hotel in Vien Tri, Vietnam and other parts of the country is very easy but for those seeking to explore the country in a more adventurous way, a cruise would be a good choice.

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