Facebook Removing Recommendations For Political And Social Groups

Facebook Inc. recently announced that they’re removing recommendations for political and social issue Facebook groups that it used to send to its users, which it says is for cutting down on the tension on the site.

Compounding this announcement, the social media company also posted on its blog saying that it’ll be working on reducing the reach and influence of groups that violates TOS, which include, among other things, ranking them lower and alerting users about any prior violations of groups that they join.

Researchers and civil rights organizations have stated repeatedly in the past that Facebook groups, something that the company has marketed as a way for people to meet others with similar interests, have been used by less scrupulous users to spread misinformation and/or prep for extremist activities.

Facebook Vice President of Engineering Tom Alison stated that they’re aggressively investing in groups, and that these changes made with regards to political and civil group recommendations were due to their user feedback expressing a desire to less political content on the platform.

He explained that any new Facebook group will have a waiting period of 21 days before being recommended by Facebook, with that grace period used in order to evaluate the group and its operations.

Facebook emphasized that it would work on curbing violations of its rules, with lower rankings and bans, though they didn’t elaborate on their specific criteria, which does leave questions.

This development follows Facebook’s recent maneuvers to control the more controversial aspects of groups on the platform to ensure better user experiences, traffic, and king kong agency reviews as the site is scrutinized for what some see as lax rules and enforcement, especially with regards to misinformation.

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