Guide For Chiang Mai’s Best Experience

No one can deny the fact that Thailand continues to attract foreign travelers from all parts of the world. Some chose to stay in Bangkok to see the bustling city while others wanted to experience more in terms of culture and scenery. This is the reason why many are going up north to see more of the kingdom. In the northern territory, there lies the best restaurant in Chiang Mai along with hundreds of fun things to do and experience.

  • Elephant Nature Park. As soon as you arrive in Chiang Mai, this should be high on your priority list. In light of many issues regarding animal abuse in Thailand, visiting the sanctuary can give you hope that there are still many institutions that aim to educate as well as rehabilitate these gentle giants. The Elephant Nature Park serves as a refuge for elephants that have experienced cruelty because of the tourism industry in the country. Visitors can witness the animals as they move around in the wild or they can even volunteer if they desire.
  • Mae Hong Son Loop. If you wanted to experience more of the north aside from Chiang Mai, this is recommended. Basically, this will be a four-day trip where you need to rent a motorbike/scooter. The starting point is in Chiang Mai and the first night will be spent in Mae Sariang, the second in Mae Hong Son and the third is in funky Pai before coming back to Chiang Mai for the last day of the loop.
  • Buddhist Temples. These temples are locally called wats and these are literally everywhere in Chiang Mai. The good news is that majority of them are accessible to visitors. On top of the list are Wat DoiSuthep, Wat Pan Tao, Wat Umong, Wat Phra Singh and Wat ChediLuang.
  • Street Markets. No trip to Chiang Mai is complete without visiting the street markets on the Old City especially on a Sunday night. After getting your fill at the best restaurant in Chiang Mai, you can roam the streets and look for souvenirs to buy at bargain prices or try the local street foods.

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