Guide In Tending Orchids Indoor

There are many places in to buy Thailand orchids wholesale but before going out to shop, one must know how to take care of these plants especially if they are to be displayed indoors. The beauty of orchids lies with the many varieties, sizes and colours available. Taking care of orchids does not require special skills as long as the right knowledge is applied. Orchids are one of the most preferred flowers to be displayed inside a home or establishment because it easily goes along with the interior. When taking care of orchids, it is important to note that the basic needs of the plants should be met including temperature, humidity and light.

Majority of the orchid variants need a lot of moisture with proper drainage. There are many options to use as medium for the orchid plant such as charcoal, redwood/fir tree bark, sand, sphagnum peat moss, potting soil, cork and rocks. For the basic mix, one can use a combination of coarse perlite, sphagnum moss and fir tree bark. In general, the orchid variant must be determined in order to know the bark of the grade suitable to be used. Take phalaenopsis orchids for example, whichis usually grown using coarse bark while cattleyas are ideal for medium type of bark. In the case of young orchids, fine bark is a good option.

When planting, it is important to make it shallow. Indoors, the orchid plants must be situated in a room or window that is facing from the east to the south. These will thrive most when placed in areas where there is bight but indirect source of light. The flower will not blossom properly if there is not enough light provided. On the other hand, do not overdo the light because it can result to the scorching of the leaves.

The temperature is also another factor considered by sellers of Thailand orchids wholesale because it is important for the plants growth. For instance, nighttime should be 15 degrees lower compared to daytime in order to achieve the best bloom possible. In normal seasons, the orchid plant is known to tolerate both warm and cool temperature.

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