Honda Releases Motorcycles Perfect For First-Time Riders

Never did the twenty-seven year old Venezuelan Fed Pacheco thought that he would someday become a motorcyclist. Having finished taking up his driving lessons, Pacheco had subsequently gotten his driving license successfully. However, he had not actually taken the thought of finally driving his own motorcycle seriously, not until the Rebel 500, one of the highly esteemed Honda bikes during that time, captivated his eyes and urged him to own one.


Recalling the day when he had finally gotten hold of his then brand-new motorbike, he confidently stated that he was able to own one of the first Rebel in the market for only six thousand and eight hundred dollars. He confided that he had bought the unit on the spot from a dealer in New Jersey.


Honda Introduces New Bikes to Lure Millennials


Since it started roughly seventy years ago, the Honda Motor Company has been known to manufacture high-quality motorcycles with outstanding functionality. In fact, it has earned the hearts of the people in all of the Shizuoka Prefecture in Japan– and, in fact, of the world. However, as the new generation’s ideals of an appealing motorcycle shifted, the company also innovated ways and novel designs in order to keep up with the trend. As younger people preferred smaller and lighter bikes over those bigger and heavier ones, smaller Honda bikes such as Pacheco’s Rebel 500 were born.


On top of their relatively affordable price, these smaller bikes do not only offer their amazing aesthetics, but also a promisingly comfortable and easier experience for first-time riders.


Modern Trends Set Up a New Battlefield for Motorcycle Industries


As the skewed taste of the current generation towards smaller motorcycles become more and more apparent, the Honda Motor Company is not the only ones showing off their new set of bikes. In fact other motor companies have also further fuelled this trend by trying to outmatch each other in producing the “best”.


For Honda, What’s in for 2019?


As the competition continues to heat up, Honda proudly introduces their array of motorcycles believing that they would be able to put up a good fight this 2019. Leading the squad might be the 2019 Honda CB300R which features a more upright position for riders and an elegant built for a base price of less than five thousand dollars.


Nevertheless, the Honda CB300R is just one of the Honda bikes that each millennial should look forward this year in order to feel the same satisfaction that Pacheco has experienced on his first-time fantasy.

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