How To Manage An Emergency Plumbing Problem

It is very rare for a homeowner to enlist the services of a plumber to undertake preventive maintenance on the plumbing system. The only time that homeowners call for the services of a plumber is when a plumbing emergency suddenly arises. More often than not, some sort of damage has already occurred. Before the plumber arrives, it is important to manage the situation and prevent more damages from occurring.

  • If you find a leak in the plumbing system, shutoff the water from the main water supply which can be found near the water meter. If the leak is in a fixture such as the faucet or toilet, turn off the water supply that goes through them.
  • Always assess the problem and damages before you call the plumber. It is very likely that the plumber will be asking for information over the phone. Give the plumber a good idea on what is happening so that he can hurry to your home to fix the problem.
  • During winter, one of the most common problems in homes is frozen pipes. While waiting for the plumber, make some effort to thaw the pipe. Open the faucet so that steam which will be produced during the thawing process will be let out. Thaw the pipe by pouring water over a towel that has been securely wrapped on the frozen portion of your pipe. Use a bucket to catch the water runoff. Continue thawing the pipe until the plumber arrives.
  • In some cases, there are plumbing problems which are not your responsibility to fix. These problems involve the sewer main or the main water line that has been blocked. Call the water company so that they can send a plumber to fix the problem.
  • Whenever there is an emergency, keep your wits with you and do not panic.

Handling a plumbing emergency is never easy but there is always plumber Sheffield who is prepared to help at anytime of the day. Don’t hesitate to call even if the emergency happens at midnight or early dawn. Emergency plumbers are always available to answer your call 24/7.


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