How To Prepare The Heating System For Winter

The last winter in the United Kingdom was one of the coldest on record. Now that nights are getting longer and days are getting shorter, homeowners must start preparing their homes for the cold season. If your heating system has not been checked, call boiler repairs in Nottingham now to avoid boiler breakdown during Christmas.

Getting the boiler checked and maintained regularly is one of the responsibilities of a homeowner. When winter is approaching make sure that the boiler is functioning properly otherwise you have to wait in line for a response to your call. People normally wait for the last hour to have their boilers serviced.

Once the temperature drops, the boiler will be working overtime to keep the home comfortably warm. If you forgot to have the boiler serviced and it breaks down, you will have a miserable Christmas. A well maintained boiler will help you save on heating bills.

Boiler repair bills can be expensive particularly if some parts have to be replaced. It is important to have adequate insurance cover so that any eventuality will not compromise your finances. If you think that the boiler is not covered, call the insurance provider to add it to the policy.

Boiler repairs must always be handled by professionals; however, you can bleed the radiator without requiring an engineer. When air is trapped in the radiator, it won’t heat properly. Switch on the central heating system and check for cold spots at the bottom of the radiator. Once you are done, switch off the central heating system and place a towel under the radiator.

Use the radiator key to turn a valve by a quarter turn. As air escapes, you will hear a hissing sound. After the hissing has subsided, close the valve and re-pressurize the heating system by ensuring that the pressure on the boiler is set to 1.0 to 1.5.

For your complete peace of mind, call boiler repairs in Nottingham when you notice signs that the boiler is not functioning properly. The boiler engineers are registered with Gas Safety which means that they are authorized to repair, maintain or install boilers. If you are experiencing issues with the boiler, call now to avoid a breakdown.

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