Profitable Freelance Jobs In The Pandemic

The pandemic has kept people locked in their homes, resulting in a shift in industries across the world. In terms of jobs, certain professions have had a really rough time with the pandemic, while some have had a bit of a boost. Freelancers and jobs in digital fields, like UI/UX design, web design, and the like have done better.

Data from freelance job platform Upwork noted how many US adults took up freelancing, with more than 2 million new freelancers in the country. On top of that, their data showed that freelancers made 22% more on average, to a total of $1.2tn, due to younger, highly-skilled professionals looking for alternatives to traditional employment.

Upwork’s Future of Workforce Pulse Report, which compiled the platform’s data on freelancers in the US, forecasted that in 1 in every 4 Americans will be working remotely, with that number to go up to 1 in 3, which would amount to 36.2mn. That would be an 87% in remote working compared to the days before the coronavirus pandemic.

Upwork Chief Economist Adam Ozimek states that 2021 will be a great year for remote working, as people come to terms with the fact that it’ll be something that’s commonplace moving forward instead of just a passing fad.

They note how companies are now developing long-term remote working policies for their workforces, which, in turn, driving opportunity for remote workers. The lack of geographical limitations for remote working will, in turn, allow for more diverse workforces, with companies able to bring in talent they otherwise wouldn’t have. Teams in the traditionally suburban industries like software development or UI/UX design are now seeing more varied people, more varied perspectives and talent.

Workers are also moving away from high-cost urban centers to cheaper areas that offer better living conditions.

Notably, the 2020 annual survey from FlexJobs even noted how 65% of freelancers say they like their work, which is a 10% increase over the general working population.

The freelancing platform even listed down some high-paying freelancer work that earns around $100,000 a year.

Network and system administration

  • Jobs include: system admin, cloud infrastructure architect, network engineer, etc.
  • Average salary: $69/hour

Product design

  • Jobs include: UX designer, UI designer, etc.
  • Average salary: $61/hour

Mobile development

  • Jobs include: iOS app developer, Android mobile apps full-stack developer, etc.
  • Average salary: $58/hour

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