The 5 Most Beautiful And Underrated Cities To Visit In South America

There are numerous cities throughout South America that are worthy of applause. If you are itching to go to South America, you might want to try cities that so underrated yet some of the most beautiful.


Loja, Ecuador

Loja is located south of the Andrean Highlands, and you should see the Podocarpus National Park. Throughout this city, there are some museums as well as botanical gardens with living laboratories inside. There are hundreds of plant species for viewing. Since it is an old city, stunning churches and squares are found in the area.


Potosi, Bolivia

The history of Potosi goes back to 1546 during the discovery of silver deposits. It is one of the richest South American cities due to its silver mines. Colonial churches and mansions are scattered in the city, and it is also a UNESCO World Heritage site. There are tours available for those who want to go to their mines. The panoramic view of its city at night is so welcoming. As Potosi is close to the other cities, it can be part of a side trip.


Valparaiso, Chile

Most people prefer going to Santiago than Valparaiso. However, you can see colourful homes lined hillside along this beautiful port city. The boutique hotels and trendy restaurants are renovated historic buildings. There are some 19th century mansions. There are also a number of Bohemian neighbourhoods. A museum also showcases Pablo Neruda’s collection.


Georgetown, Guyana

Georgetown is the biggest city in Guyana, and it is also its capital. There are many beautiful sites here. There are markets and wooden colonial buildings. The Promenade Gardens is a must-see. The Botanical Gardens is free and has the Victoria Lilies which is the country’s national flower. There is a rum distillery and party mansion owned by Pauly Shore.


Patagonia, Chile

There are so many reasons to visit Patagonia. There are a few tourists here so it is quiet. Torres del Paine National Park is a must-see. There are mountains sometimes covered in snow and ice-blue lakes for exploring. You can do a tour with South America Tours or you can choose to just hike through.


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