The Difference Between Hotshot Trucking And Expedited Delivery

Both hotshot trucking and expedited shipping are available through Titan Transline for time-sensitive loads that you want hauled. Hotshot trucking is a type of trucking that is ideal for relatively small and time-sensitive loads that have to be delivered to accessible locations. Hot shot trucking is different from expedited shipping that is required to send out loads faster than usual delivery.

Transport options for expedited shipping include vans, tractor trailers or straight trucks that are on standby so that can haul loads as quickly as possible. Hotshot trucking delivers time-sensitive smaller loads using medium to one-ton trucks to reach their destination on time.

There are different types of trailers used in hotshot trucking. The type of trailer must be the most functional for the kind of load that will be hauled and must be compatible with the truck itself. The most common type of trailer used is the bumper pull trailer that is easier to use and costs less. The bumper pull trailer is shorter than the gooseneck trailer that measures about 40 feet.

Gooseneck trailers are more stable with limited swaying and tighter turning radius. They are recommended for larger freights on unfamiliar roads. Because the trailer is longer, there is more space for freight; however, it is important to be aware of state regulations that restricts the amount of freight.

Drivers of hotshot transports prefer deckover trailers for heavier loads like tractors, machineries and cars. There is lot of room on the trailer because of the wider deck and lack of well wheels. However, the drawback is the deck is not very high from the ground so that a shorter ramp has to be used. This is a serious disadvantage because it will affect how the load will go on and off the trailer.

Extra heavy loads require lowboy trailers with low centre of gravity. When the trailer is detached from the truck, it will lay flat on the ground for easy unloading.

A fleet of specially-engineered equipment is available at Titan Transline for time-sensitive freight in the automotive, medical, pharmaceutical, manufacturing and seasonal industries. To save on time, delivery can be expedited coast to coast throughout the USA and Canada.


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