The Islamic State (ISIS), A Problem That Needs Immediate And Effective Action

The situation in the Middle East has turned for the worse, which is a common knowledge nowadays. Even the UN had run out of words to describe the ‘unprecedented’ happenings that began in the Arab world.

Hostility, war and executions, we can consider all of these as common reoccurrences in the Middle East but since ISIS had first came into existence, or mainstream media, these reoccurring events have been further maximized. If you think it couldn’t go worse, with ISIS it can.

I believe that the Islamic State is an incurable disease that needs full extermination. All of its aspects and beliefs and system are flawed to the extreme. Their goals, their purposes are all lies to deceive and coax people into joining their cause.

They do not fight for the good or for the right. More importantly, they do not fight for justice. This militant group had caused so much devastation in so many places.

But the truly sickening part of them is that they fight in the name of Islam. Fight in the name of their religion. The Islamic State of Iraq and Syria or ISIS led by Abu Bakr Al Baghdadi who declared himself Caliph of the New Islamic Caliphate is a direct challenge to Saudi Arabia’s authority. Saudi Arabia took on the leadership of the Muslim world after the Ottoman empire had fallen.

This so called Caliphate of Baghdadi is forcing Sunni Muslims to choose where they stand and if they stand against ISIS, they would be considered traitors and will be executed like other ‘unworthy’ individuals. Another goal of ISIS is the forcing of other Jihadist groups like the Al Qaeda to pick a side. They would have to choose whether to choose ISIS or face annihilation.

The sad part about all of these is that the Islamic State is still able to fool many individuals to die for its selfish cause.

Many of ISIS members are volunteers from different nations, and by volunteering to the Islamic State’s cause, they have deliberately chosen a dark path of massive killings, public executions, mass rape, and slavery all in the name of their faith.

It is not right to use religion to justify killings. If the god you believe in is truly a benevolent and almighty god who is worthy of all praise, then he would not allow such pointless and brutal killings in his name.

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