Useful Tips On Preparing The Boiler For The Winter Season

Days are shorter and nights are longer. This means that the winter season is near and you have to consider the health of the heating system. Preparing for winter includes preventive measures to ensure that the heating system is ready and functioning properly. If not, there is still time for boiler repairs.

Preparing the boiler for winter means periodic checkup of filters. If the filters are dirty, they have to be changed otherwise; it can affect the operations of the heating system. How often you need to change the filters depends on the kind of filter you use. It could be monthly or twice a year.

Before you change the filters, it is suggested to vacuum around the vents so that the buildup of dust and particulate matter will be removed. A clean environment will put less strain on the heating and cooling system and allow it to run more efficiently. Like it car, the heating system requires regular servicing and maintenance. You are more likely to save money by avoiding costly emergency boiler repairs. Besides that you can avert a disaster.

When did you install the heating system? It could be rated for 20 years but experts recommend consulting an expert 10 years after the system has been installed to make sure that it is running efficiently. A new heating system can be a big investment but the savings in energy costs can be quite substantial

According to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), older boilers are only 56% to 70% efficient. Modern heating systems have energy efficiency of about 98.5%. When you upgrade to an energy efficient model, you will paying less for electricity or natural gas each month to keep the home warm and comfortable. Besides that, you won’t have to worry that the boiler can’t handle the coming winter season.

There is plenty of information published here regarding boiler engineers and the services they offer. Boiler engineers inspect and repair boilers but if they think that the boiler is beyond any sensible economic repair, they will advise the installation of a new and more efficient model where you can actually save on your heating bills.

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