What It’s Like In The Best Thai Restaurant In Bangkok

A trip to Thailand, whether for business or pleasure, will never be complete if you don’t explore the best Thai restaurant in Bangkok for an excellent dining option. Tourists can choose a number of great restaurants around that fit their budget or go street tasting from various food stalls who sell their food through carts.

If you want the best Thai restaurant in Bangkok, then perhaps you need to stroll the streets of Chinatown. This area is often bustling with various activities and you can even choose fabulous eateries with a fantastic ambiance.

If you want to be adventurous, you can venture into seafood restaurants that offer many local delicacies, which you may be unable to buy back home. They can offer the shark’s fin dish and barbecued suckling pig. However, there most popular meal to order is the fried whole crab with black pepper.

The best Thai restaurant in Bangkok can also be found at Naj in the Bang Rak district, with its scrumptious menu of authentic local cuisines. There are stir-fried prawns in tamarind sauce as well as hot and sour soup, which is made from a combination of prawns, shallots, kaffir leaves and lemongrass broth. Another favourite on the menu is the wing bean salad with minced prawns and pork.

If you’re searching for a quick snack, you can venture the many food stalls surrounding the city. You can try noodle carts, which are really common, with their noodle varieties and accompaniments. The noodles are cooked in various shapes and sizes and are made from different types of flour. Once you’ve chosen your noodles, you are expected to choose between dry or with soup. You can then finish your food avidly.

If you don’t want to dine in the best Thai restaurant in Bangkok, then you can try a quicker and more cost-efficient option with curry-on-rice stalls. You will just have to point the type of curry you prefer, and it will come along with rice in minutes. There are also made to order stalls where you can fancy the dish that is cooked right before you. You can also try fried rice, stir-fried pork in garlic and pepper, and Thai-style omelettes.


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