Why Lake Erie Should Be Your Next Holiday Destination

Remember those days when people have to pull out an old fashion map during a road trip? This is the time when getting lost is part of a fun road trip. We now have modern technology such as GPS and Google Map to help us find out way even in places we have never been before. There is also a modern take on the traditional map in the form of illustrated map. If you are planning to go on a holiday, it is worth considering Lake Erie because of the number of fun things you can try which is even for the whole family. Bring you’re a Lake Erie illustrated map in order to see the landmarks worth seeing in the area.

One of the first places you should go and see is the Marblehead Lighthouse which was constructed in 1821. Out of all the lighthouses in the Great Lakes, this is the one tourists prefer to take photographs of and it is also the oldest lighthouse that is still in continuous operation. You have to endure 77 stairs before you can reach the top but the view is all worth it. You will be able to see Cedar Point as well as the surrounding islands.

Next stop is the African Safari Wildlife Park which is a chance to get really close to different animals in the wild. You can stay inside the vehicle while you watch giraffes, bison, zebras and alpacas as they go around their natural habitat. Aside from the wildlife tour, guests can also witness pig races, try out riding camels and learn about animal programs that are quite educational along with exhibits.

Kelleys Island should not be missed because it features a state park spanning 600 acres, restaurants in the waterfront and shops. This is the biggest island owned by the United States in Lake Erie. From your Lake Erie illustrated map, you might notice the highlighted Glacial Grooves because this was awarded as a National Natural Landmark. This is the world’s largest groove with a length of 400 feet, depth of 10 feet and width of 35 feet.

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