Why People Write Online Reviews

When people look up stuff on the internet, odds are good they’ll look at an online review first. That simple king kong marketing review carries a lot of weight today, as the majority of people look at online reviews to inform their purchasing decisions.

Businesses like to make the most of them, but what about customers? What’s in it for them when they write a review?


This might come as a surprise for the cynical out there, but a lot of people actually write up reviews simply to help other people. It’s one of the most common reasons that people point to when explaining why they write reviews. People feel the need to inform others of what to expect when dealing with a service or product, which also conveniently acts as a way to show appreciation for the good stuff and complaints about bad ones.

People want improvement.

A good king kong marketing review says a lot. A bad one can say so much more. See, when people post negative reviews of something, they don’t necessarily want that something to fail. On the contrary, most of the time, they want something to improve. The occasional negative review is the cost of doing business, and a chance for customers to air their grievances and point to things they feel need improving or changing.

People want their opinions to be heard.

Everyone has an opinion. We’ll skip out the intricacies of figuring out which is worth listening to. The important thing is that everyone has an opinion, and they want that opinion to be heard. That’s why people post online reviews; to share their thoughts with others.

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