Why Will You Choose A Marquee Over Other Event Venues?

Marquees are often used at events that involve a large number of people like weddings, corporate events and product launchings. Couples who prefer a garden wedding will usually call marquee hire in Melbourne for a large tent they can used for the wedding reception. The good thing is there are many different sizes of marquees that can be used for functions.

Why will you choose to hire a tent when there are many beautiful wedding venues inside hotels? First of all, the marquee is a cheaper option particularly for a garden wedding. More guests can be invited because of the flexibility of marquees. The size of the marquee can be chosen based on the number of expected guests and the location of the event.

When you opt for a marquee as an event venue, you can source out for catering and drinks providers that offer high quality products for cheaper prices. You can always discuss your food choices with the caterer so that it will be more suitable to the budget and the type of event. Hotels offer beautiful venues but more often than not, the menus are somewhat high end which is not affordable for all wedding couples.

The flexibility of a marquee allows you to use nature as the backdrop for a wedding. The photographs will be outstanding because the best of nature will be captured. You also have complete control over location that allows the marquees to be erected. If all that is there is grass, marquee hire can provide wooden or carpeted flooring.

Marquees come in different designs. You can opt for the clear roofs if the event will be held during daytime. For evening events, there is personalized lighting system with disco-theme and mood lights if you opt for dancing to make the event more exciting and fun.

Because marquees are customizable, you can easily create a theme that suits the event. You can discuss your ideas with marquee hire in Melbourne because they also provide different decoration options. There is a design team that can share their ideas from decorations to furniture placements. The entire space will be organized so that guests can move around comfortably.

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