Customer Reviews As Vital Social Proof

Online reviews have become so important so that consumers always make the effort to read them before making a purchasing decision. Nobody wants to waste their money on a product or service that will result in an unfavourable experience; not when they have the power to stop them. Social proof makes a consumer confident about… Continue Reading →

Why SEO Review Tools Are Essential For Your Business

Many marketers have found the benefits of using SEO for their online businesses. But SEO is more than just using keywords for searchability. The better the strategies used for your website’s SEO, the more powerful it becomes. Through SEO tools, you can glean learnings from how your website is doing to how your competitors are… Continue Reading →

Choosing A Digital Agency

Running a business can be demanding and stressful. There’s a lot of things to handle, and a business owner or the higher-ups might not be in a good position to handle everything. Marketing is one of the more common ‘problem areas’ that businesses have trouble with, which is problematic since it’s such an important part… Continue Reading →

The Benefits Of Online Marketing

With how many people are on the internet and how much time they spend online, it’s no surprise that online marketing is pretty much essential for any business looking to grow and develop. Put it simply, online marketing can’t be ignored. Here are a few reasons why. Customers are online As mentioned before, customers are… Continue Reading →

Neuroscience Research Looks Into The Differences In Advertising Across Audio, Radio, And Podcasts

Different media illicit different responses from audiences, something that was backed up by a recent neuroscience study from Dr. Shannon Bosshan, conducted in partnership with the Australian Radio Network’s Neuro Lab. The research was conducted with the goal of getting some insight on how people’s brains respond to different audio formats, and how advertising works… Continue Reading →

A Few Legal Things About Marriage To Keep In Mind

Ask anyone, and they’ll tell you that marriage, while wonderful, is also a big commitment. Ask the same thing of any legal experts like Donich Law, and they’ll pretty much repeat the sentiment. Feeling caught up in the romance and the love is to be expected when getting married, but that’s not an excuse to… Continue Reading →

Avoiding Costly Mistakes In Cross-Border Trade

Shipping across the borders of the US and Canada can be a complex endeavour that may result in costly mistakes without the help of experienced customs brokers and logistics providers. Since there is a well-established trade relationship between the US and Canada, you must know which rules apply to your product, its origin, and point… Continue Reading →

Profitable Freelance Jobs In The Pandemic

The pandemic has kept people locked in their homes, resulting in a shift in industries across the world. In terms of jobs, certain professions have had a really rough time with the pandemic, while some have had a bit of a boost. Freelancers and jobs in digital fields, like UI/UX design, web design, and the… Continue Reading →

Facebook Removing Recommendations For Political And Social Groups

Facebook Inc. recently announced that they’re removing recommendations for political and social issue Facebook groups that it used to send to its users, which it says is for cutting down on the tension on the site. Compounding this announcement, the social media company also posted on its blog saying that it’ll be working on reducing… Continue Reading →

Are Customers Interested To Leave Their Feedback?

According to a research published in the Harvard Business Review, the simple act of asking for a customer review is in itself enough to provide the customer with simple satisfaction. A simple survey appeals to the customer’s desire to be coddled and reinforces their positive feelings about the product or service. It makes them more… Continue Reading →

How To Avoid Being Convicted For DUI

From the standpoint of a prosecutor, a DUI case becomes more difficult when the defendant retains a criminal defence lawyer who knows different tactics to defeat the charges. The criminal defence lawyer will immediately file a motion for discovery which requires the state to turn over all the evidence in its possession. Once the information… Continue Reading →