3 Perks Of Holiday Homes In Waiheke Island

There are numerous perks of getting one of those luxurious holiday homes in Waiheke Island. At one glance, a holiday home would seem expensive but with a closer look, one would realize that nothing would be more valuable than having a home away from home but only this time, the home is located in an area with a dreamy beach surrounded by verdant trees. Although you’ll save better by getting a hotel room, the advantages of getting a holiday home is unparalleled. Here are the advantages.


In a hotel room, you get to share common spaces with other guests although there is nothing wrong with that especially if you want to socialize. However, if you are with your family with kids and pets, you will enjoy more if you have the entire space and home all to yourselves. You don’t have to worry about bothering your neighbours if kids get rowdy and excited and you don’t have to be extra nice when you feel a little tired from all the outdoor escapades. In your own villa or holiday home, you can dress casually and be your old beautiful self.


Having a kitchen in holiday homes in Waiheke Island is not only practical; it adds a homey feeling to the place. If you would be staying long in the holiday home and if there are many of you in the family, it would be practical for you to prepare and cook your food for the entire family instead of ordering in every meal. With a kitchen, you can cook anytime and prepare food that you fancy. Cooking can also be a good bonding time for you and the kids and you help them develop a skill or a hobby.

Private Amenities

The good thing about holiday homes in Waiheke Island is that you have your own amenities such as your own boat and car parking and other private facilities that you intend to have privately during the entire duration of your stay. Choose amenities that will strengthen your safety while in the area.

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