3 Ways To Avoid A Criminal Record 

A criminal record can leave a negative impact on your life. It can even be taken against you. This is the reason why, when involved in a criminal case, it will be best to hire a reliable law firm that ensures the best interest of their clients, such as Donich Law.  An experience lawyer knows the different strategies that will render their client free from criminal sentence or at least mitigate it. Here are three of the most common approaches of lawyers:


Acquittal is the best way to ensure that no criminal history will be recorded against you. This is the importance of having a good defense lawyer who will stand in your behalf during trial. When you are the accused, you practically have to do nothing as it is the prosecutor who bears the burden of proof.


This strategy effectively puts a case pending or on hold for a certain amount of time. The prosecutor lays down all the conditions and the criminal defendant must comply with all the requirements. Some of the most common conditions include getting into a counselling session, treatment, and community service or victim reimbursement. At the end of the diversion period, the case will be reviewed. If it was established that the criminal defendant meted out all the requirements, such as payment of fines and litigation costs and other agreed upon conditions, the case can be dismissed and no criminal record will be imposed on the defendant. Lawyers from Donich Law would advise their clients to avoid criminal activities while the diversion period is on as it will definitely lead to conviction.

Alternative Sentencing

The good thing about alternative sentencing is that the criminal defendant avoids jail time and in some cases, the defendant is spared from having a criminal record. However, in order for a defendant to qualify for alternative sentencing, the defendant has to plead guilty to the crime. Lawyers, such as those from Donich Law, along with the prosecutor and the court will then agree on a sentence which does not entail serving jail time. Sentences in this usually involve house arrest, community service, work release and other terms.

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