4 Steps To Become A Court Server

A court server is one who delivers legal documents related to court proceedings. These documents can include complaints, court orders and subpoenas.  Court servers need to be available during nighttime, daytime and even on weekends and holidays since the job requires for recipients to personally receive the notices. There are slots for part time or full time options and in general, here are the things to consider when you want to become a process server.

Get relevant education and training

Although you don’t have to complete a degree to become a process server, there are certain educational requirements that you need to accomplish before you become a court server. One is you need to, at least, finish high school or earn a GED. If you do not have an educational background related to law, consider getting short course or training program related to the position. Such trainings provide background on local laws and ethical behavior in delivering documents.

Research local or national legal requirements

Aside from your prospective agency’s requirements, the law and the government also has their own set of requirements that needs to be satisfied. Call your jurisdiction’s clerk of court to find out what these requirements are. Some states or countries require licenses for court servers to practice professionally. A valid license will also protect you against harassments or potential litigation from displeased respondents. Once you know the required licenses and registrations, it’s time for you to accomplish these requirements so you can move to the next step.

Obtain related experience

In order for you to get hired, seek work experience by applying as volunteer in a law firm or in your local court. Not only will you obtain experience, you also get job opportunities in the process.

Look for a job

When you are already equipped with experience, licenses and other qualifications, it’s time to hunt for a job as a court server. Obtain information from classified ads on your local newspapers or also from job sites on the internet. You should also be ready with an impressive resume and should be available for potential interviews.

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