6 Home Remedies For Easton Braces Discomfort

Pain and discomfort is normally associated when you wear Easton braces or other dental procedure. By wearing braces, the misaligned teeth are gradually repositioned. This slow movement causes pain and discomfort, especially on the first two weeks of wearing braces. The degree of pain depends on the crookedness or misalignment of teeth. The more work is required on your teeth; the more pain is associated for its improvement. Here are some home remedies for braces discomfort.

Saltwater rinse

A simple way to ease the pain due to braces is by gargling saltwater. Get a glass of warm water and dilute a teaspoon of table salt in it. Rinse your mouth with the solution to ease out the sores or cuts in your mouth.

Ice pack

Get a pack of ice or gel pack and place it on your cheek. This will effectively reduce the inflammation as it will numb the pain on your gums and mouth.

Gum massage

You can also alleviate pain on your gums and mouth due to Easton braces by doing some gentle massage on your gums. Do the massage in a circular motion with your point and middle fingers. The massage will relax your gums and enhance the blood circulation in the area.


Another option is to take oral anesthetics. There pills or topical anesthetic cream that you can take or apply on your gums or sensitive teeth. For topical application, use cotton swab or your fingers to apply the anesthetics on the painful area.

Dental wax

Dental wax is a usual method used by dental professionals to lessen the friction brought about by the rubbing of metal brackets on the walls of the mouth. Dental wax is firm and it can be stretched for adjustment.It is proven to reduce pain due to wearing braces.

Teething rings

Orthodontists also recommend the use of teething rings to alleviate pain caused by braces. Chew the frozen teething ring on the area that hurts the most.

Consult your orthodontist for ways to reduce the pain and discomfort brought by wearing Easton braces.Ask questions during your sessions to make the process easier for you.

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