A Beginners Guide to Painting Walls

Painting may seem like an easy task but in truth, it is actually much more complicated. The movement of the hands should coincide with every stroke so as to create a uniform and smooth surface. Every painting project needs to finesse in order for it to produce the best results. So if you are a newbie who wishes to paint and revitalize a wall in his house, then here is a simple guide to painting walls.

Step 1:

Make sure to prepare the wall you are going to paint. This would mean that you need to move or relocate furniture near the wall so that there are no obstructions with your painting and so that your furniture would not get stained by the paint. If possible, remove all furniture in the room and place them at the center. This would give you enough space to work on the walls.

Step 2:

Place a number of cloths on the floor or on the carpet. Afterwards, get a bucket and fill it with water. Add an all-purpose cleaner then dip a sponge onto it and start scrubbing the wall. The wall must be cleaned before the actual painting can commence. You can start painting when they are dry.

Step 3:

If you don’t want other surfaces in your wall, such as windows, ceilings and door frames, then you should carefully protect or mask them using a painter’s tape. To reach higher places, you can always use a step ladder

Step 4:

Open paint can then pour some into a tray and using a medium-sized brush, dip the bottom of the bristles onto the tray paint a 2-3 inch strip next to the painter’s tape. Repeat the procedure on all corners.

Step 5:

When using the paint roller, make sure to evenly distribute the paint on the roller. Always remove excess paint.

Step 6:

Begin painting next to the corners. Roll as close to the masked areas as possible. Paint until the job is done.

Step 7:

The next step is letting the paint dry. If necessary, apply a second coat.


Step 8:

Clean the paint tray, roller and brushes then remove the tape.


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