A Brief Insight On The International Schools In Bangkok

Those who are planning to make Thailand as their new home always consider the education of their children in their decision. Parents with bilingual and dual citizenship children usually consider international school in Bangkok, Thailand so that the children will receive a level of education that is closely similar to what they can have in the Western world.

There are more than 150 international schools registered with the Thai Ministry of Education. Most of the early childhood education programs, elementary and secondary schools are based in and around Bangkok, the capital city. A list of accredited international schools in Bangkok can be found at the website of International Schools Association of Thailand.

Based on official guidelines, there is a minimum threshold of non-Thai students that can be enrolled in an international school but this is difficult to enforce. There are international schools that brand themselves as “international” because their curriculum is being taught in English by foreign teachers. However, very few or no expatriate children are attending.

In the past years, the focus of international schools was on the needs of the American expatriate communities. Today, the focus is more aligned to the British teaching system. The government allowed Thai students to attend international schools instead of the traditional Thai educational system so that children will have a competitive advantage in educational stakes.

Fees generally vary among international schools in Bangkok. The fees are often exclusive of other costs that include meals, uniforms, transport and extra-curricular activities. Sometimes there are other fees for registration and admission. In spite of the higher cost of education, international schools have many benefits.

International schools approach quality staffing and facilities in a different way. They provide excellent levels of education so that students will have a platform to attend other universities across the world. They maintain a genuine multi-lingual and diverse student population.

Students are taught to appreciate other cultures and the needs of others through international school in Bangkok, Thailand and its supportive and nurturing community. Teachers help students reach their highest academic standards and full potential. Students become more confident about their ability and take pride in their achievements.

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