A Few Legal Things About Marriage To Keep In Mind

Ask anyone, and they’ll tell you that marriage, while wonderful, is also a big commitment. Ask the same thing of any legal experts like Donich Law, and they’ll pretty much repeat the sentiment.

Feeling caught up in the romance and the love is to be expected when getting married, but that’s not an excuse to forget about the legal side of getting hitched. Considering all the legal paperwork that goes into marriage, it’s a good idea not to forget about that side of the commitment.

Here are a few legal things about marriage to remember.

How will it affect your kids?

Okay, granted, this one’s not gonna be for every person getting married, but this is a very important step for those who have kids from a prior relationship.

Changing legal guardianship of the kids is a big decision that’ll impact their lives greatly, so they need to be informed about it, and be part of the deliberation, as well as anyone else that might be affected, like their other biological parent.

Wedding venue contract

Sorting out the venue of the wedding is important, obviously, as well as making sure nothing unexpected suddenly pops up and derails everything as the big day approaches. A legally binding contract with the supplier can help with that, so keep that in mind.


Money can be tough to handle, in a legal sense, but it’s there and everyone has to deal with it.

A lot of couples opt for a joint bank account for the sake of convenience, but this can backfire down the line in case something goes wrong. Since both parties have equal legal rights regarding the account, if the marriage falls apart, the money is going to have to be split up, and that’s not gonna be pretty.

Make sure you and your partner discuss financials as well as property rights. If you need to, consult legal experts like Donich Law in order to get things cleared up.


Once married, couples can transfer assets between each other without having to deal with capital gains tax, which is a common move for couples across the world. However, like with the above point, there’ll be effects in case of a divorce.

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