A Foreigner’s Benefit When His Company Is Listed In A Thailand Company Registration

Thailand businesses, whether huge, medium or small, need to be supported by the government as they take responsibility for the economy, hiring of its citizens, and certainly paying taxes. For this reason, you need to register your business as a legal entity to obtain benefits and incentives.

However, as a foreigner in Thailand, you are restricted as to what you can do with your own company. You need to know that for a Thai business to be duly recognised, you need to have Thai shareholders. They must own more shares in your company, and their names are the ones listed in the Thailand company registration; but you can gain full control of your company as a foreigner in some specific ways.

Before your business is listedas a Thailand company registration, you need to know what you can and cannot do with your business. You need to make up a choice for your existing situation. In this article, we will mention all the benefits of setting one up, and how you can outweigh things related to your situation.

  • Juristic Person: Your company must be majority owned by Thais and you must share the same rights with them in entering a contract, owning the property and purchasing the land.


  • Protection of Liability: If you separate your personal funds with those from the company, you protect yourself from private liability and bankruptcy.


  • Visas and Work Permits: The company can sponsor visas and work permits for foreigners if you plan to stay and work legally in Thailand. However, there are rules to follow, such as paying two million baht of capital per foreigner or half of the capital if married to a Thai and must have four Thai employees working for the foreigner.


  • Simplified Taxes: Private limited companies can possibly demand tax deductions in various categories. If you include your personal expenses to the company expenses, they can possibly be tax deductible.


  • Trust: You can transact business in and out of the country if you list your company in a Thailand company registration and make your partners view your official status. They will view your company as reliable and influenced by company liabilities.

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