Academic Writing: Common Types Of Papers

There are multiple types of academic papers that students will write during their years at a school, college or university. These papers have different purposes, and they also help the students build their analytical and writing skills. For some types of papers, research may be needed. For other types, you may just need to share your personal experiences or opinions.

Here is an overview of the common types of papers.


It is an academic paper that answers questions, defends an argument or states personal opinion about a topic using supported evidence. Most essays except personal essays usually contain a thesis statement stating the assignment’s purpose. An essay can contain 1000 – 5000 words and is usually one page only. There are different essays depending on purpose like admission, descriptive, argumentative, expository, cause and effect, comparison, personal and so on.

Research paper

This is longer than an essay. It gives a more detailed information about a topic basing from research. This can include some sections that provide an in-depth data about an argument basing from related sources.

Book or literature review

Literary students may need to do this assignment. This will involve reading a specific literature then giving a personal opinion or a review about the content.


This may involve presenting information from research done. It is aimed for a specific audience or for proving a claim.


This is a comprehensive research project aiming to give a solution or to present a unique discovery. A dissertation proposal is seeking for permission to begin a research for a possible idea. This is also known as thesis.


This is a basic assignment that involves having a reading material and making a written presentation based from findings.


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