Advantages Of Enrolling Your Preschool In Montessori

There are different programs you can enroll your child who is starting preschool. If you are considering all options, you might want to check out Starbight Montessori which follows the Montessori Method in teaching their learners. Here the advantages according to studies.

  • Based on the curriculum followed by Montessori Method, they focus more on the major developmental milestones of the preschool children who are in the range of three to five years. For preschool children, their main target is to develop the children’s large muscle skills as well as their language. Those who are four-year old and below focused on improving their fine motor skills and challenging themselves with everyday chores like arts and crafts and helping with cooking. Older preschoolers will be mingling with the community through events and field trips.
  • In Montessori schools, the teachers are only there to supervise the activities of the students. The bottom line is that the students decide on what they will do which helps them perform cooperative play. This is when they learn to respect each other and to create a community among them.
  • The curriculum itself and the environment where the children will be learning are designed around the students. This is to encourage them to explore and discover things on their own. Every child has a different pace and they should be able to come to terms with their learning based on their capacity and interests. To nurture this environment, the classroom is designed to be child-friendly. The furniture they use is intended for small children for their comfort.
  • The children are presented with ground rules they need to follow when working inside the classroom and the school in general. This is despite the fact that they have free reign on the activities they want to do and the length of time they want to use on every task.
  • Just like any Montessori adapted schools, Starbright Montessori gives importance to hands-on learning. This means they focus on concrete learning rather than abstract. For instance, activities done by the students help them learn life lessons, language, culture and math.

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