AI-Powered Logo Design Service Launched

The new Brandmark has just launched recently, and it’s already making headlines. Developed by Jack Qiao, the is an artificial intelligence app that uses machine learning to create unique branding for companies.

The AI-based service generates logos for visitors by selecting an icon, font and color palette based on the keywords it received, which would logically be the words that define the company or brand is really about, effectively creating company branding and word art from a few words. The app even gives design assets for a complete aesthetic to follow for a website, giving a complete package for those looking for a brand identity. does what it’s supposed to quite well creating some fairly snappy designs in record time. All in all, it’s quite nice.  But, some might say that the trouble with design is coming up with something that has personality. A uniqueness that defines an aesthetic. isn’t caught up in this issue, and, by that, I mean it’s completely far removed from it. The designs are crisp, and clean, but lack that je ne sais quoi  that someone might expect from a company trying its best to stand out, something that all companies are expected to.

To reiterate, the designs are nice; well done examples of typography, design and word art. It’s not unpleasant in terms of aesthetics, quite the opposite in fact. It just that it lacks flair.

Some people have looked at the app and gave it their disapproval, some more vocal than others. Others, however, acknowledge the app for what it is, a proof of concept.

The app is good, and it can be better. AI development is moving along quite nicely in the tech circles of the world, and this app is a clear sign of that, and a very good beneficiary.  Design is all about understanding the nuances, paying attention to the tiniest of details, and coming up with something that is utterly unique and fresh, even in the smallest way possible.

AIs simply aren’t advanced enough yet for that kind of creative processing, a fact that Qiao himself seems to be aware of. Nevertheless, it bears repeating that the app is a good show of concept, and is actually quite useful, if one is simply starting with the minimum amount of resources, or for less important projects. It’s definitely worth a try, if nothing else.

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