As Competition Increases, The Cost Of Advertising Will Go Even Higher

According to King Kong Sabri Suby, there is art and science in customer acquisition. If you will consider the business landscape and marketing a product online, there are two important factors that will impact success and the ability to attract new customers.

The first factor is the competitive landscape. What does it look like right now? Competition is going to increase because more and more businesses will join the online marketplace. It will be extremely competitive to market a product online.

The second factor is the cost of advertisement. The consequences of more businesses going online are higher cost of advertising. The cost of promoting a product will be higher to reach the same amount of consumers that you are reaching now. How can a business have a mathematical advantage regardless of the influx of new competitors that are flooding the market with their new products?

The cost of traffic will certainly be more which makes it important to have a proper cell business with a frond end and back end. There are businesses out there that are buying traffic. They are generating leads or sending traffic to an ecommerce site to make a sale. This strategy is typically based on front end.

It is common for businesses to get as much traffic as possible for the cheapest price possible to generate as many leads and sales for the cheapest price. The whole focus is to be able to whittle down the cost per lead because the business is optimized solely to make profit at the front end.

How much a business is willing to spend to generate a lead is dictated by the sales team that converts leads to customers. With the rising cost per click and the rising cost of competition, a business will end up getting less traffic for the same amount of money they spend for traffic today.

A growth-focused marketer like King Kong Sabri Suby believes that businesses must not be too concerned with the amount of profit generated on the front end because there is a back end that basically gets a customer to return and purchase again. The back end is where a business makes the most money.

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