Avoiding Costly Mistakes In Cross-Border Trade

Shipping across the borders of the US and Canada can be a complex endeavour that may result in costly mistakes without the help of experienced customs brokers and logistics providers. Since there is a well-established trade relationship between the US and Canada, you must know which rules apply to your product, its origin, and point of destination.

US regulations are not the only ones that you have to consider in cross-border trade. Importers and exporters on both sides of the border that arrange transportation for their products must know the rules on both sides. There are different regulations based on time frames, hours of service, and ways to load freight using certain types of equipment.

According to Antonio Echevarria, director of New York-based Nuvocargo that operates a digital platform to manage cross-border trade between the US, Mexico, and Canada, there must be a government-authorized trading partner in Mexico for a US company that exports goods to Mexico. Not all companies in Mexico are allowed to legally import cargo.

It is also important for US exporters to be careful about where to ship cargo in Mexico. Big cities have industrial parks with infrastructure to receive all types of cargo. However, in the less-developed areas, special permits might be needed for tractor-trailers. Without the necessary permit, a 53-footer won’t be allowed on certain roads.

On the other hand, importers must also learn about tariff compliance including the requirements that are imposed on certain products by government agencies like the Food and Drug Administration and the Department of Agriculture. The US government prohibits the export of certain products to specific recipients or recipients in certain countries.

A review of specific products, people, and locations have to be done for every transaction because misclassification of a product for tariff purposes can be a very costly mistake. Still, there are logistics providers that can offer their invaluable assistance.

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