Backpacker Tips For Koh Tao

Thailand has many island resorts, not least are the villa Koh Tao, an island with white, sandy beaches, and scenic bays. Even though many of the people who head here go for the diving, it’salso a fairly popular backpacker destination, as it’s great for relaxing, partying and just snorkeling.

Not far from the capital, Bangkok, it’s a fairly popular destination, alongside its neighbor Koh Phangan and KohSamui. So if you’ve decided to go here for the villa Koh Tao, then here are some tips you can use.

The prices.

First thing you should be aware of, the prices on the island can go up to around double that of the mainland’s, at least for the more mainstream options like convenience stores and the like.  There are a lot of cheaper alternatives if you know where to look, so don’t worry too much.

Getting there.

Koh Tao is a small island, so the only way you’re getting on or off of it is via boat. The most convenient option is to go to Chumphon, and take a ferry toKoh Tao. The prices vary between 400-600 baht, and there aren’t really any cheaper options. However, if you’re willing to brave the quiet nocturnal seas, the night ferry is an option that’ll let you save on a night’s worth of accommodation.

Staying on the island.

Koh Tao has a lot of beautiful, sandy beaches, both for those who enjoy the buzz of a party and those who prefer quiet vacations. If you’re looking to stay, Sairee probably has the most expensive accommodations, so you’ll want to look at your other options. For those of you who prefer a quiet place to stay away from all the bustle of the night life and the traditional trappings of modernity, then Chalok beach is the place to be, with quiet fan bungalows that offer the quiet sounds of nature as the backdrop for simple bed and bathroom amenities.

On the coast.

Of course, if you’re booking a villa Koh Tao, then odds are you’re looking to enjoy the island’s beaches. There are many options to go for, like Banana Rock Beach, Shark Bay and AoLeuk. Each beach has its particular specialties, like AoLeuk, which is best for swimming and snorkeling, so never be scared of travelling around the island for the best option. It’s just a small island. Oh, and keep cash on you, as some beaches have entrance fees.


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