Benefits Of Using Neoprene Seat Covers

While searching for durable materials for car seat covers, I came across PC rubber or polychloroprene material. It is a solid rubber material that has various industrial applications and is used in the manufacturing of wet suits for divers.

I researched more and found out about some benefits of using Neoprene seat covers.

  • Temperature Resistance

This material can withstand huge temperature variations. It is suitable for hot and cold climates. It can withstand temperatures ranging from -35 degrees to 125 degrees Celsius. The temperature inside the car varies from the outside temperature. The interiors tend to heat up during summers and become extremely cold during winters. Using seat covers made from neoprene ensures that the seats are comfortable irrespective of the season.

  • Resistant to UV and Ozone

This material is resistant to UV light, Ozone and other weather conditions. Neoprene seat covers do not fade easily when exposed to strong sunlight. They help to maintain the fresh look of the car for years together.

  • Low Maintenance

Seat covers made from PC rubber need very less maintenance. Just wipe away any spills, dust, grime or stains to make them look clean and fresh.

  • Shock Protection

Polychloroprene seat covers provide an extra layer of padding to the seats. They absorbs any jolts and bumps during the drive and make the journey comfortable.

  • Fire Resistant

Neoprene is a fire resistant material and does not catch fire easily. Seat covers made from this material are extremely useful for people who smoke inside the car. They protect the original upholstery of the car from getting damaged from cigarette ash.

  • Moisture Resistance

Neoprene is highly moisture and water resistant. It does not allow moisture to build-up on the seats and cause damage. It is also water resistant and protects the seats from stains and spills. It is easy to wipe off any spills with a cloth to clean the seat covers in case of any accidental spills and stains. They are suitable for open top vehicles as they protect seats from rain damage.

Owing to these advantages, I bought a set of neoprene seat covers for my vehicle. They are available in a huge range of designs to choose from and fit the seats like a glove.

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