British Schools Plan To Strengthen Ties With Morocco

It has always been a great thing to establish connections with a lot of schools in Bangkok and in other places as well, not only to foster camaraderie, but also to let the flow of ideas flourish and propagate as smooth and as effectively as possible.

Thus this is exactly what a number British schools want to achieve. Ten representatives from all over the education system of United Kingdom has come to Morocco in order to negotiate with possible investors with the goal of spreading British education beyond the parameters of its home country. The visit served as an opportunity for them to discuss relevant matters and to somehow evaluate how could the school do well in the Moroccan education market. According to Thomas Reilly, the British Ambassador to Morocco, the establishment of British schools in Morocco would serve as a major leap forward.

Targeting Quality Education

The British Ambassador to Morocco also confided that education is one of his top priorities and that this would serve as a way in order to showcase to the Moroccans the quality of education that the British Education System could offer.

This would also help supply the demand as it was found out that the number of Moroccans who go to UK Universities to study has continuously increased throughout the years. He also added that the visit would certainly make the delegation fall in love with the scenic beauty of Morocco, which he, himself, had been mesmerized with for the past two years.

Confirmation of the British International School

In addition, Liam Fox, the UK Secretary of International Trade has also confirmed that a private British International School will soon open its doors to the students when the secretary visited the African country last month. If everything goes well, the British International School in Marrakech would commence its operations by fall. In line with this, Ambassador Reilly was also positive that this would serve as a stepping stone for UK to open more schools in Morocco in the near future.

Indeed, there are already a number of international schools in Bangkok and in other countries worldwide, and fortunately, with this agreement, Morocco would soon have theirs as well.

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