Cloud Computing And Its Advantages To The Healthcare Industry

Healthcare providers are focusing on services that are patient centred which is why many are turning to innovative solutions such as cloud computing for healthcare, electronic recording of medical and health files and personal records of patients. One technology that has proven to be very effective is cloud computing because medical professionals can access data regardless of their location.

There are many advantages to cloud computing which can aid daily operations of health clinics, doctor’s clinics and most especially hospitals. Here are the benefits of cloud computing to the healthcare industry.

  • EMR or Electronic Medical Records. It is now possible for physicians and hospitals to access medical images and records through cloud-based services. The task used to take up a lot of time from the IT departments of the hospitals. Now, they can give priority to other things that are essential for their daily operation such as better support systems for clinics and EMR adoption.
  • Telemedicine. More and more people have access to mobile technologies and the market is also filled with affordable smart medical devices. This prompted the growth of telemedicine which includes tele-surgeries, health record exchange, tele-consultations, home monitoring and video conferencing. Cloud computing made it possible for telemedicine to work because it improved the deployment of services and it is no longer a problem where to store the corresponding data.
  • Clinical research. Pharmacology manufacturers are turning to cloud computing in order to do better research and be more efficient in developing drugs. Due to next generation sequencing, there is what experts call explosion of data which further highlights the importance of cloud computing in research and development.
  • Health Information Exchange. This is one of the driving forces behind healthcare organizations ability to share information in a large database of HER systems. HIE can be deployed faster with the help of CIP by providing a link that points to cloud implementation.
  • Analytics. This is one of the benefits of cloud computing for healthcare since data are gathered in real-time then it can be analysed right away. This guarantees that the clinical knowledge as well as insights used are updated and current.

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