Details Of AFL Game For Beginners

AFL or the Australian Football League is the most loved sport in Australia. Australians eagerly wait for the start of the AFL season to cheer for their favourite clubs. If you are new to Australia and want to know the basics of the game, here is a helpful guide to know the basic information about AFL games.

  • AFL is the most popular sport in Australia. Scores of fans wait with bated breath for the commencement of the AFL season every year. They throng the AFL online store and AFL store to get their hands on the merchandise of their favourite teams before the game season begins.
  • AFL originated in the Victoria region and spread all over the country. The first rules of the game written in 1958. The game has many rules for the players. For example, the players can kick, handball or tap the ball, they can tackle the players but the players are not allowed to push the opponents from back, trip other player or run for more than fifteen metres without bouncing the ball.
  • The AFL matches are played in a grassed oval ground that is equal to two regular football fields. The measurements of the AFL ground are around 110 to 155 metres width and 135 to 185 metres length.
  • Players compete to score points by kicking the ball into the goal posts. The goal posts are placed at both the ends of the filed. The match is played in four quarters of twenty minutes each and extra time, if required. The team with maximum points at the end of the match wins the match.
  • Players usually kick the ball to advance it towards the goal post. There are different types of kicking the ball. Some of them are Drop punt, Grubber, Torpedo punt and Check side punt.
  • There are 18 AFL teams in Australia. These teams compete with each other in 23 rounds to reach the finals of the Home and Away season, which is played during September. The teams which land up in the top eight positions of the leader board reach to the final rounds. The finals are very exciting and happen in four rounds. The top two teams at the end of the four final rounds, compete in the finale. The finale of the season is the most anticipated AFL match. Fans shop for AFL merchandise like flags, jerseys, caps etc. from AFL online store and get ready to cheer for their teams.

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