Different Applications Of Magnets

Magnets are one of the most common materials used when a magnetic field is required. It has the capacity to attract objects that are made of ferrous components such as nickel, iron, cobalt and steel. History revealed that magnets have been discovered as early as 6th century B.C. by the Chinese and Indians. Now magnets are produced everywhere and there are manufacturers of magnets in Brisbane that meets the demand of suppliers. Magnets are popular because it has many uses including the following:

In the field of medicine, during the ancient times, magnets are used for patients receiving acupuncture treatment. It is believed to be a cure for different diseases such as baldness, arthritis and melancholy. In this modern age, magnets still play important roles in the field of medicine because tectonic magnets help relieve the pain that sportsmen endure. There are also mattresses with magnets that offer to fight insomnia but these claims are yet to be backed by science.

Medical equipment such as MRI or magnetic resonance imaging employs magnets. MRI is preferred by most patients because it does not have radiation unlike X-ray and the images are more detailed in comparison.

For the consumer goods sector, magnets are seen in the magnetic strips present in credit and debit cards. Magnetic tapes can be found inside audio cassettes and even VHS tapes which used to be popular before the invention of DVDs. Magnets are also used in other devices such as hard drives.

Magnets are also used in industrial applications including generators and electric motors. These are also present in cranes that are designed to move heavy items made of metals. These are often seen in junkyards because it helps in separating the junk that are made of metals from non-metals. The same system is used by scrap processing facilities but the magnets are installed in conveyor belts instead.

It is not surprising that there are many manufacturers and suppliers of magnets in Brisbane because its application and uses only extends as new technologies are discovered. Though many are unaware magnets are also in everyday items we use inside the house.

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