Different Types Of Marquees For Weddings

More and more modern couples prefer outdoor venues for their weddings. This led to the rise of increase in demand for wedding marquees, as they can be erected outdoors and lend opulence to the wedding. The marquees are available in different styles and can be easily accessorized to suit the theme and style of the wedding.

Some of the most preferred types of marquees or tents available with reputed marquee hire in Brisbane companies are

  1. Tepee tents

Tipis are the perfect choice for modern weddings. These tents with open sides allow free movement between the marquee and the open area outside. These tents can be designed to suit different types of weather conditions. The Tepee tent marquees lend a Bohemian vibe to the venue. These marquees can be rent out from companies which provide marquee hire in Brisbane and are available in different sizes to suit different scale of weddings.

  1. Canvas tents

These tents are also known as Sperry tents or Sail cloth tents. These marquees are the most flexible and cheap option. The canvas tents can be altered easily to suit the theme of the wedding. They can be erected as close tents or the side walls can be removed to create free movement of guests. The canvas tents are suitable for spring and autumn weddings. These marquees can be easily accessorized to suit the theme of the wedding. The popular marquee hire in Brisbane companies can erect canvas tents in different sizes to suit the guest list of the wedding.

  1. Bell tent

These small size tents are perfect option to provide guest accommodation for outdoor weddings. These tents are available with LED lighting, hard floor and have a bunting that makes the exterior pretty. These tents can house beds, side tables and seating arrangements. The bell tents can also be used to provide resting areas for kids or elderly people at the wedding reception.

  1. Framed marquees

Framed marquees are strong and sturdy. They are built of hard metal frames and have the arrangements for lighting, heating and cooling, incorporated inside the design of the marquee. These framed marquees are suitable for opulent and luxurious weddings. Consult a marquee hire in Brisbane Company, to know about the different sizes and styles of framed marquees.

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