Digitally Native Thai Consumers Seen As Thriving Market For International Businesses

Thailand is starting to become a dominant figure in business, as investors see the country as a thriving market for more business ventures. Some expats have chosen Thailand as their new homes and have hired international removals in Thailand to help them relocate. This trend has been going on for years, and the businesses are starting to notice.


Digital Natives

The country is considered as one of the most digitally native nations all over the globe. This means that many consumers in the country use digital media and consume digital content. This is easily seen on how much people use the internet, interact through social media, and hire professionals for services like international removals in Thailand, online education, hotel booking, and more. Using digital media has become part of many Thai’s lives that it has become second nature to them. Because of this, several Thai, Western, Chinese, and Southeast Asian companies are competing to be the lead company to cater to these consumers.


Ushering New Business Models

Traditionally, businesses used to run through traditional platforms with single proprietors. However, the trend has shifted to using already established sites like Facebook and Instagram. Going through these sites, one can easily see how companies have shifted their way of communication by offering goods, services, and customer service through these sites. It makes their company more user-friendly and approachable—something that customers would prefer over other alternatives.


Digital Disruption in Thailand

China is seen as a major influencer in the digitization of Thailand’s industries. With more than 10 million Chinese tourists expected to come in to the country by 2018, Thailand has had a lot of transactions coming in through Chinese companies like Tencent, Baidu, and Alibaba. These companies have made it easier for users from different age groups and socioeconomic classes to get access to different products and services online. Thailand has benefited from this as one of the top choices for tourists, and with China proving how helpful digital media could be, Thailand is also on its way in becoming a hub for companies who offer services to its digitally native citizens.

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