DIY Cleaning Products Around Your Home

Unless we have a budget for a cleaning service, the same companies that offer office cleaners in Sydney, the tasks of cleaning our home will still lie on our hands. Aside from saving money when you do the dirty work yourself, you can also save money from using DIY products using ingredients that are already around our house either inside the medicine cabinet, fridge or pantry. These DIY cleaning products are also more eco-friendly because of the absence of harmful chemicals.

  • Use your lemons/limes to clean the garbage disposal and remove the bad smell at the same time. Slice the fruit into four parts and place the lemon piece one at a time while the water is running.
  • Use clear vodka, white wine or alcohol to remove stains in your carpet. Begin by blotting the stain and then pouring whatever you have from the three options onto the stain. This cleaning hack is safer compared to commercially available products.
  • If you want sparkling, clean toilet, look no further than your essential oils. This toilet cleaner solution only requires one cup of baking soda combined with 15 drops each of tea tree and lemon/orange oil. Wait for 30 minutes before using the mixture. Scrub the DIY toilet cleaner using brush then flush for a sparkling toilet.
  • Use olive oil to buff stainless steel surfaces like appliances, pots and pans. Just use a soft cloth and soak it with oil. Following a circular motion, it can remove any dirty spots by buffing.
  • Shaving cream can be used to remove water stains. This is a good alternative if your shower glass is always covered with water stains. Just rub the shaving cream and wait for 15 minutes before wiping it away.
  • If you have a bathtub, a vinegar and baking soda mixture will do the trick in cleaning. Take one cup of vinegar and combined it with one-half cup of baking soda before adding hot water. Pour the mixture into the bathtub and wait for five minutes before adding more hot water until one-quarter of the tub is covered.

These cleaning hacks are not used by office cleaners in Sydney but homeowners and residential cleaners have attested to how effective these are.

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