Downsizing Before Retirement

It is common for people to become emotional attached to their belongings. However, a clutter-free and organized home is less stressing. If you have decided to downsize, there is junk hauling Orange County that will deal with all the belongings that you no longer need.

Jane and Joe Doe knew that sometime in the future they will trade in the 4-bedroom home for a smaller and more manageable home. However, like all other couples, they decided that downsizing will happen after retirement, after their youngest son’s wedding or after a big vacation. However, John had a stroke. Jane has to face a health crisis and the need to move into a one-level apartment within 3 weeks.

This situation happens all the time. Downsizing must be done months or years in advance of retirement. The task may take longer than expected but it means more space, more freedom and more money. People usually forget what they have in their home because it hidden under the bed or stashed in the basement or attic.

Boxes of notes, contracts and files can go to recycling centers but people are afraid that they might miss something if they dispose of the files. However, family photos and files may become infested with moths, mouse droppings and mildew. A better option is to dispose of them before they are ruined. There may still be a chance for recycling.

An average American home usually contains more than 300,000 items which can become a big problem when the owner because incapacitated. It might take 3 to 4 weeks to fully empty the home and dispose of the junk. Don’t forget to account for the family heirlooms, yearbooks and collections.

De-cluttering will add space to a home. After all the junk has been removed, make a promise to yourself that you will never fill your home again with unnecessary items.

It is never too early to get rid of junk. You can always call junk hauling Orange County for a safe and efficient removal of your old furniture, mattresses, appliances and medical equipment. You will breathe easier after all the clutter has been removed and disposed off.

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