England Travel Club Looking To See If There Are Tickets For The Nations League Semi Against Holland

Football fans take their sport very seriously, we all know that. Okay, granted, a lot of sports fans do, but they’re on another level. Players are watched, idolized, and scrutinized, English football stadiums are considered key buildings in cities, and games are sometimes considered as sacrosanct.

The England National Travel Club recently got a firsthand feel of football fan fever as the club’s members looked to them to ensure that there will be seats for the Nations League semi-final against Holland later in 2019. Let that sink in; fans were so dedicated that they managed to get a national travel club doing what they want.

The summer tournament of the Nations League will be held in Portugal, with England set to battle Holland in Guimaraes on the 6th of June; the issue being that the stadium can only hold 30,000 people. UEFA has stated that they’ll be confirming  how many seats England and Holland will get, but a large chunk of the seats will be handed out to the football family, as well as made available to the general public, which they’ll be handling via a ballot, to be conducted in the early days of 2019.

England has about 10,000 travel club members, but there are already worries that the allocation won’t be enough. The Dutch Football Federation is facing similar issues, as Holland has strong travelling support, and demand will no doubt be high.

Usually, big games are held in the biggest english football stadiums, so it comes to no surprise that UEFA has taken some heat for deciding to host one of the semi-final games of the Nations League in such a small stadium, to the point that people are openly questioning the association; pointing to other possible venues like the Benfica’s Estadio da Luz, which can hold 64,642 people.

With only a small number of fans guaranteed seating for the semis, there’s already concerns that thousands will be flying to Portugal for the four-day tournament, only to not have seating needed to actually watch the game live. Lets be honest, if you travel to another country to see something, you damn well want to see that something.


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