First Time Jitters!

I have been intrigued with going on an adventure alone. Go to a destination where I have never been before, not knowing exactly where to go, where to stay, what to expect. One thing though those people have taught me when I open the topic of travelling alone is to ensure safety and security of oneself. Of course, they never leave out the part when they tell you to ensure that you enjoy the experience of being a tourist and being an adventurer. I also have been taught that there are some basic things that we just need to ensure that we are comfortable, with many budget or not, it is never going to be a problem. These basic things that we just need to consider – where to go, the food we want to eat, and the place and hotel we want to stay.

I have chosen Thailand. I have chosen to stay near the exclusive area of Sukhumvit. The only thing that I have as some kind of hindrance is my limited budget. I have to ensure that I don’t go overboard. They have stated that since I have already made up my mind on the destination, I can just go roam around the area for the food. I heard there’s a lot of food around the area that are delicious and has a lot of variety. The last thing to make the experience more memorable and comfortable is to find a value hotel in Sukhumvit.

What caught my attention when looking at destination websites is the 2016 Certificate of Excellence provided to the S Box Hotel Sukhumvit. I checked out the promotions and found that indeed, it might just be the value hotel in Sukhumvit that I was looking for to fit my budget. The rooms look nice, the facilities and services do seem complete and comfortable. I might just go for this place.

Well, the thing is, I am excited to go on this adventure. Whatever happens, will happen, and surely, even if the experience will not go as planned, still there will be lessons learned for the next trip. Wish me luck and safe trip!

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