Food Lovers’ Guide In Bangkok

Some people travel for the experience while others travel for food. If you want both, Bangkok is the ideal destination for you. When touring all over the city, it is hard not to stare at something delicious that is cooking just across you on the street. You have unlimited options when it comes to something new to try such as fresh salad made from green papaya, curry made out of coconut milk and spice as well as grilled street foods such as satay. If you are looking for restaurants to try, it is hard to miss out on restaurants in Sukhumvit and other prime districts in Bangkok.

Your trip to Bangkok will never be complete without indulging in street foods. There are snacks you can enjoy while walking the streets of Bangkok and you can also have a feast in one of the street stalls that are operational almost 24 hours of every day. The best spots for street foods in Bangkok are Wang Lang Market, Chinatown or Yaowarat, and SilomSoi 20.

Wang Lang Market is just across the Chao Phraya River when visiting the Grand Palace. It is the number one destination for food lovers in Bangkok. It is operational during the day and they serve snacks as well as full meals depending on what you choose. In Chinatown, you will be able to try more street foods during the night though they are open during the day as well. You just have to bear with the congestion and the chaos because of the number of tourists visiting the area. SilomSoi 20, on the other hand, offers fresh ingredients as well as food that you can eat on the go. It is a must to try the custard, black sticky rice and chicken biryani.

If you wanted to experience other cuisine aside from street foods in Thailand, there are a number of restaurants all over the metropolitan city. You can visit the upscale neighbourhoods to experience great food such as restaurants in Sukhumvit. There are various international cuisines that will surely satisfy your cravings. VIP tourists can also look for Michelin star rated restaurants in Bangkok.

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