Four Factors That Help To Choose The Right Motorcycle

The range of motorcycles available in the market, makes the task of choosing a right bike difficult for the first time buyers. Ranging from a simple mopeds to motorcycles with fancy accessories, there is a lot of choice for the buyers. However, they are confused about the type, model and brand of motorcycle to invest in. Here is a quick guide to help buyers make a choice easily.


Buyers have to think about the purpose of buying motorcycle, before they choose a specific type and model. Motorcycles are available in different types such as cruisers, sports bikes, touring bikes etc. Buyers can choose a suitable Honda motorbike depending on their requirement. For example, cruiser or standard bikes are best for regular commute in city traffic, sports bikes offer speed and adventure and touring bikes with fancy accessories like, windscreens, stereo systems etc. are ideal for long distance touring.


The size of the bike is an important point to consider before choosing a specific model. The seat height and the overall weight of the Honda motorbike are two factors to consider. The rider should be able to touch the ground with both his feet while being seated on the bike. New riders should not choose a heavy weight motorcycle as it becomes difficult to balance.

Engine size

Engine size is another critical factor for choosing a motorcycle. Beginners should opt for a motorcycle with low power engines as they are easy to control and safe to ride. The riding skills of the buyer should be considered before selecting a bike.

Used vs new

Buyers have to make the choice between buying used and new bikes. Both the options have their own set of advantages and disadvantages. The budget of the buyer plays an important role in this decision. While old bikes are available at bargain prices, new models will cost higher. It is important to research the credibility of the seller and get the used Honda motorbike thoroughly examined by a professional, while buying a second hand bike. Buyers can also buy used motorbikes from reputed motorcycle dealers, who deal with used and new motorcycles. These sellers provide extended warranties and finance options for used motorcycles which makes it safe to buy from them.



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