Four Great Medieval Films

I am a huge fan of the medieval era. And since we are now living in a completely different world, one way to connect with the past is through watching films set in medieval times.

Who would not be captivated with the tales of knights in shining armor taking a daunting task to save the damsel in distress? Or a movie packed with bloody action scenes of battle between two kingdoms? There are a lot of filmmakers whose passion are in creating remarkable medieval films. There are hundreds of films set in the medieval era and if you are lucky, you can still get a copy of these treasured films.

Here are some of the greatest medieval films of all time.

• Braveheart (1995)

Released in the year 1995 and starred by Mel Gibson, this blockbuster is the story of a Scottish warrior who led his people in battle against the oppressing rule of King Edward I of England. William Wallace was the protagonist of the film and it was inspired by a poem written by Blind Harry in the 15th century. The film won best picture in the Oscar Awards.

• The Romance of Astrea and Celadon (2007)

This film is based on the pastoral novel L’Astree. This is the final film of director Eric Rhomer. The plot is about the great love of Celadon, a shepherd, to the beautiful Astree. The setting of the film is in the fifth-century Gaul with characters of nymphs and druids.

• Monty Python and the Holy Grail (1975)

This was a hit British comedy film directed by Gilliam and Jones. It tells of the tale of King Arthur in his quest to find the Holy Grail. This movie hailed positive critic acclaims across the globe. With its ingenious plot and great delivery of humor, it is a film that the Brits are very proud of.

• El Cid (1961)

El Cid is a classic movie set in 11th century Spain. This is the story of a Castilian Knight and nobleman who is called El Cid. He defended his country and led his countrymen to battle against the Moorish invaders.

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