Four Stars In Phuket Never Hurt Anyone

When you’re looking for a place to kick back and enjoy warm weather in a long stretch of a beautiful beach, it is hard to find a place that tops Thailand’s island of Phuket. While you’d be suggested to find a hotel or resort that has a private beach however, Phuket island does not have a lot of those, especially if you’re looking to stay in Karon or Patong.


But the best experience does not always lie in the availability of a private beach! A great number of 4 star hotels in Phuket have amenities, facilities, and in-ground or in surrounding areas for activities to partake in. Though most will be looking for 5 stars in their hotel choices, 4 stars are not such a bad alternative, as often the price is evidently lower with little to sacrifice in comfort. What’s a little shrink in the room, or a pool, or the hotel grounds if it means going easier on your pockets?


After all, the greater things in Thailand are not the accommodations you seek for your stay, but the beauty of its natural resources. For a summary of the best options of 4 star hotels in Phuket that have private beaches, take a look below!


  • Beyond Resort Karon


Located on the southern tip of Karon Beach, this resort is in the livelier part of the stretch. Though tourists from other hotels along the beach may find themselves wandering around into yours at one point, it does not often happen. The mere length of Karon Beach makes for an abundance of free space with which to get on with your personal enjoyment. Though there are not as many rooms as its 5 star counterpart in the north, Centara Hotel, all 81 of its rooms are guaranteed a view of the sea. The catch? It’s not a good place to choose if you’re traveling with children.


  • Kata Beach Resort and Spa


Now, this resort is unique in its own way when I say it is not in front of a beach; better yet, it is on the beach itself! With a classic Thai style design, the resort has a lot of rooms, and 275 of them can accommodate 2 to 6 people. If Beyond Resort Karon does not sit well with your child, Kata Beach Resort and Spa surely will. With its swimming pool boldly etched close to the beach, it becomes the main attraction for the spa in its picturesque resting place among coconut trees and the seemingly endless expanse of the sea beyond. In the grounds, they showcase restaurants and pubs with live music as well as a poolside bar.


  • Tri Trang Beach Resort


Patong Beach has its little 4 star hotel of its own, as well, and that is the Tri Trang Beach Resort. It is as dainty as it is convenient whenever you’re craving either silence or noise. It provides just enough privacy for a quiet getaway, but is not too far away from the lively streets of Patong. Not all rooms can be guaranteed the sea, but they are sure to have a view!


  • Surin Beach Resort


Around the centre of Phuket’s western coast lie Surin Beach and this 4 star hotel. The rooms of the are wide, comfy, and decorated beautifully with the view of Surin Beach and the Andaman Sea in its little sandy perch on an elevated level. Breakfast can be enjoyed with this view, as the hotel restaurant is situated outside, over the sea in a covered terrace. Its facilities also include a fitness centre, a swimming pool, and a spa.

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