Gifts For Baby Showers – From The Practical To The Emotional

My female friends gave me a surprise baby shower two months before I was scheduled to give birth. My unborn child as well as myself received a lot of gifts from the practical to the personalized but everything was appreciated because of the thought that friends made the effort. I will give you an example of the cornucopia of gifts that we received.

  • Gifts from the heart – make me happy and a little sad because it reminds me of the baby clothing, blankets and toys that I had as a child. I remember grandmother crocheting those tiny booties and hats for my younger siblings. Now I that it is my turn to become a mother; I am excited to be the recipient of these gifts from the heart. I see those monogrammed designs and I understand the thoughtfulness that accompanied each gift.
  • Gift certificates – are very practical because it allows me to shop according to my preferences. It is really difficult to pick out the right gifts; I cannot blame my friends. With the gift certificate, I am given the freedom to purchase whatever is lacking although we pretty much have everything of the necessities. Would you believe that I received a gift certificate for foot spa and massage?
  • Gift from mom – I never knew that mom has saved some of my baby things. Here she is giving me the baby blanket I used as a baby with the monogram of my name and the travel wrap in pink with that cute teddy bear. Of course, I cried but who wouldn’t?
  • Surprise gift – from my mother in law is two-month’ worth of professional house cleaning. This is perfect and just the gift I need so that I can bond with my baby for two months without worrying about the dust in the attic and dirt in the porch.

When a gift is personalized, it becomes different from all those found in retail shops. An ideal customized gift for a baby shower is monogrammed baby gifts that are both useful and meaningful. When a gift is monogrammed, it means you exerted extra time and effort to make the gift exceptionally special.

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